Friday, August 6, 2010

8.06.010 - Quick Update

Civilization Revolution, which was 6.99, is now free as a part of FreeAppADay. Not sure how long this will last so pick it up ASAP !

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

08.04.010 - Pocket God & Canadian Apps !

 Well the Pocket God update came out the other day, and now theirs Ape Mountain (or something similar to that), position the Pygmies, wind up the victim and play the beat and watch as the Gorilla picks the stretched out Pygmy and swallows em. Dave (one of the creators of the game), hinted in an App forum (TouchArcade) that the next update will be smaller monkeys, and he is not sure what they will do yet.

 Also, although the change happened around May 27th (so ive heard), I had just found out, you may now buy applications on the Canadian App Store with a giftcard, rather then using a credit card. I also heard they still do not accept promo codes, but with this change, I picked up the Pocket God Comics app!

Pocket God Comics, is a new application by the creators of PocketGod. In the first issue their is 22 pages of professional comic book art, with a story thats going to start off this four issue sega. Looks like it would be better off on the iPad, as opposed to the iPhone (as i have the iPhone 3G), but it works, with a doubble tap your zoomed in enough to read the speech bubble .